Période de changement

Période de changement

Change period:

On this Friday, March 13, 2020, the lives of each and every one of us changed.

Our planet earth, mother nature, has summoned us to stop. We haven’t been able to do that for the past few years, we haven’t listened to her, so she’s forced us to.

This tiny little virus has taken over our lives. The human being is nothing and this little something, invisible to the naked eye, confirms it to us once again. Something bigger, stronger and intangible is knocking on our door and asking us to review our way of life, our priorities and the meaning we give to our lives. Moreover, it asks us what priority we give to the earth on which we walk, the one that makes us live. You don’t have to think long to realize that she didn’t need to stop. It continues its movement and crosses the seasons, much better without us. Nature regains its power and its beauty and comes back to life in unsuspected places. She will outlive us, that’s sure.

Will we be able to learn from this? The future will tell…

In the meantime, this March 13, 2020 will remain etched in our memories. This date when the daily life of everyone was massively shaken. Society makes a big difference: Some find themselves out of work and maybe even bored. Others must combine the « caps »: work, education, « correct » maintenance of their home and teaching « the last but not the least ».

Whatever the situation you are going through, your daily life has been turned upside down. No, we are of course not to be pitied and the situation of other people is much more complicated than ours, whether in our country or in others. This puts things into perspective, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless, this period is not insignificant, for anyone. Take the time to become aware of this and to be kind to yourself. You have the right to experience bizarre and disparate emotions (as long as they don’t last too long, it’s NORMAL). And if you allow them to express themselves, it’s even better, it will allow you to move on even faster.
You are living through a time of change. The stages are similar to what is known as a grieving process, the best known, check pornvj.com nonton film streaming.

Personally, after the shock of the announcement that schools were closing for 7 weeks, I started this somewhat euphoric period I believe. A taste of novelty, you have to put everything in place, it will be fun to change your daily life, to be with your family, to spend time at home, etc. I was not in total denial but probably in denial of the reality that I was going to live. Then, everyday life came to give me a good slap in the face: Learning to juggle between my role as a mom, that of a teacher that I don’t know, of a cleaning lady (yes, being at home all the time, that’s as much to say as that doesn’t stay clean for very long) and in the midst of it all, still find time to work with the related emergencies. Not to mention the lack of time for me and the projects that are put on “stand by”. Who says changes, says disturbances whether we like it or not: My sleep is disturbed, I have been sleeping badly for 10 days and, by cascade effect visit cbdschool.com, less patience with children and less energy to invest in all these areas. In the heat of the moment, we had to “do” and when we do, we take less time to think and feel. The first week therefore passed, quickly, moving from one role to another and trying to reconcile everything as best as possible…

This weekend, the internal tension has eased somewhat and with its fall, my emotional fall: tears, sadness. Yes this situation is not temporary, yes it will last, no it will not be easy every day. The meaning of my life is shaken, I need to rebuild it for this very special time. And to all this, is added a good dose of stress and guilt of having to work and therefore of having less time to give my children to teach them the school program. I envy the teaching parents and navigate between frustration and depression.
I know that this step is temporary and I welcome it. I’m not saying it’s simple but it’s normal.
The symptoms of this stage can be diverse and varied: fatigue, body aches, headaches, skin rash, etc. Our body speaks to us! It evacuates the tensions accumulated from the previous days.

The next steps of my period of change will arrive in a few days